bike ahead Composites introduces: THEseries-E! We proudly present our new product series, which has been specially developed for use on e-mountain bikes.

The population of e-MTB riders is growing steadily and the bikes are becoming more and more popular, even at bike ahead! The electrification results in new ways of riding, routes and often higher loads.

Unfortunately, e-MTBs also have a weakness that is not to be despised in our eyes – their weight. Due to the frame construction as well as the drive components such as the engine and the battery, the weight of the bike increases rapidly by 5 to 10 kilograms! Of course, it would be a dream if the bike had the weight of a normal MTB and still would have the advantages of the E-drive.

We have focused on this problem and engineered it to meet the desire of slimming. With our experience in functional lightweight construction we injected an extra portion of Watts and developed a product series that brings the dream of a lightweight e-MTBs closer!

On our way we have encountered various issues, because the electrified brothers of the MTBs have not only higher torques on the rear wheel but also considerably higher driving dynamic forces. The higher weight results in additional loads of acceleration, braking and turning – not to mention jumps.

That’s why we grabbed five products from our ongoing performance product portfolio, which were the perfect basis for a further development. Then we cut, shape and bake in our carbon kitchen and can now, full of joy, serve a delightful 3-course menu, which meets the taste of the e-MTB rider to the point.