low clamping forces and a perfect fit

The No-Slip-Application (NSA) is our idea of a fiber optimized design. It’s a special layer of a synthetic rubber-type material, which we incorporate directly during the curing process.

Our patented surface modification is mostly applied to the clamping areas. Interface tolerances at the seat tube and the stem bar are compensated and friction will be increased. Thus clamping forces are reduced up to 60 %.

The risk of loose parts is decreased and your safety and riding pleasure will be maximized. In addition to this, cracking sounds will be eliminated.

rubber meets carbon – the process of production

A special, thin layer of rubber is being inserted into the mold of the component as the first layer.
The individual pre-impregnated carbon mats (prepregs) are gradually being placed into the mold. After that, the inflatable inner core and the upper half-shell are being placed and the hardening process in the autoclave begins.
In the autoclave the NSA rubber layer completely blends into the carbon due to the high pressure at high temperatures. Now, the rubber layer is planar and permanently connected with the component and the NSA production is finished.