frequently asked questions – FAQ

Are the hubs available in different colours?

No, right now we only offer black hubs. There once was a red special edition, but it is sold out.

Can hubs from other brands be installed instead of the standard hubs?

No, since we use special hubs that are adapted to our production process. These hubs are produced by two German manufacturers. Other hubs are not compatible with our products.

Can I switch to a 15 mm thru axle and vice versa from the RS-1 predictive steering standard?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. For the RockShox RS-1 fork we mount a special hub with larger bearings. Since the hubs are molded into the carbon body, the hubs can not be exchanged.

Can I use the bike ahead wheels in a frame with boost standard, and if so, how?

Yes, our wheels can be mounted in a frame with boost standard. However, you need a wheel with a special boost hub. Since the hub can not be separated from the carbon body, you can not switch between between boost and other standards.

Do I have to use rim tape with the 6-spoke wheels?

No, there is no rim tape needed because the inside of the rim is completely completely closed. However, if the tubeless mounting is not successful, the use of rim tape can be effective.

Which tubeless sealant do you recommend?

We do not recommend any special type of sealant. Either way, we made positive experiences with Schwalbe Doc Blue and Stan’s Notubes.

What has a better performance - 3k twill fabric or UD (unidirectional) fibers?

Basically, components with UD and 3k fabrics do not differ a lot from each other. For parts with UD optics, we replace the fabric with exactly the same amount of unidirectional fibers. Therefore, there is no difference in weight. When it comes to strength, both fiber arrangements have their own advantages. However, with the amounts that are used, those differences don’t really matter.

Should I apply additional carbon assembly paste onto the NSA surface?

No, assembly paste is not required. Actually, it should not be used at all, because it might damage the rubberized surface.