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By providing the highest standards of production and quality control, we can guarantee and deliver products with highest precision and service life.

As a special extra service, bike ahead composites offers a 3 year crash replacement. This means that our warranty not only covers the standard period of 2 years, but a period of 3 years after purchase. Please notice that this voluntarily service that is only being provided to the original buyer of any of our products, and that a valid purchase receipt is required.

In case of an accident,  you will be offered a discount of 40% (in the first 2 years after purchase) or 30% (in the 3rd year after purchase) for the purchase of a new wheel set (based on our current prices).

As this is a voluntary service offered to you by bike ahead composites, any damage will be examined individually by us. For damages that were caused willfully or by improper use, we reserve the right to refuse the crash replacement. Also, optical defects are excluded from the crash replacement service.

If you have questions about the crash replacement, feel free to contact us!